Introducing Diabetiks®, the first FDA authorized multi-vitamin supplement for diabetics. This is a new updated formula based on recent clinical studies.

Diabetiks®, finally it’s here…based on recent breakthroughs with the nutrients you’ve been reading about, in just the right amounts for our diabetic customers. Diabetiks® was formulated by a physician based on the most recent scientific findings for those who have or are predisposed to diabetes and have difficulty absorbing nutrients. It contains ingredients not included in multi-vitamins for the general public.

This product is unique: since 2001 this dietary supplement has carried a special nutritional statement for diabetics, approved by the FDA. Nutritional support for people with or predisposed to diabetes. Formulated by a physician to address the diabetic’s specific needs due to an inability to metabolize nutrients efficiently. anti-oxidants; Contains the same lactobacilli base as PowerVites®.

Also recommended: Primrose Oile (or Signal 369) and Sunnie® -as diabetics tend to have elevated homocysteine.

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product Diabetiks. Prior to taking this product, my blood sugar levels were running between 400 and 500 while on insulin injections. However, since taking the product, my blood sugar levels are running in the low 100′s. Also, I started out taking 4 of the Diabetiks 2 times daily, now I am down to 2 pills 2 times daily. I just want to say that this is a wonderful product, which I would say, saved my life and has taken me off of the insulin injections that I was becoming a slave to. I would much rather take a natural product than a manufactured drug. Thanks again for this wonderful product!!

“When I started on Diabetiks I didn’t take them regularly, so I didn’t think they worked that well. I had pain just to walk on a carpet in my bare feet. My wife heard people swear by Diabetiks, so she made me take them: 4 a day, every day! I was surprised when one day I got up and didn’t notice my feet. Now I wouldn’t go a day without them.”
–RR, New Providence, NJ

“Diabetiks is a sensible formula based on the latest research that addresses the diabetic’s unique nutritional needs. I feel comfortable recommending it.”
–Dr. Richard Podell, M.D. Clinical Professor University of Medicine and Dentistry NJ

  •     Take with PowerVites®
  •     Physician formulated to address diabetic’s specific needs due to an inability to metabolize nutrients efficiently
  •     Bioflavonoids to build the circulatory system
  •     Coenzyme Q10 to increase insulin synthesis
  •     Lipoic acid for neuropathy
  •     Promotes energy, circulation and happy feet
  •     Available in bottles of 150 pressed tablets
  •     Use: 3 daily with food
  •     Retail $38
  •     Visit the page for “Sunnie” for reference to diabetics and elevated Homocysteine.
  •     Ingredients and more information
  •     Dr. Podell, MD on diabetes and nutrition
  •     Test for risk of diabetes

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Testimonial results within range of typicality.

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